About Us

peaPeacock Media Communication emphasizes on creating awareness about how to use the internet properly without violating someone’s copyright. Peacock Media also wants to spread awareness about the fact that Internet is not a public Domain and avoid pirated websites to download copyrighted contents like music, movies.Only buy music and movies and tell everybody around you to do that. It is a new organization (August,2013) interested in interactive web portal,Digital News Research and Media Ethics,conduct workshops on digital copy right: How to Avoid, conduct professional training program on Mobile Journalism & Digital News Research,Experimental publication of e-magazines & print publication.

Peacock Media Communication has a plan to launch crime and human right related related interactive web portal which will aware people about cyber crime,atrocities against women and other relevant issues.

Peacock Media founded by Shanthanu Bhattachaarya, a Calcutta-based (India) digital news researcher and Media Blogger.  He has worked as a news researcher for various news-based programs, for example Khas Khabor Aaj Ki,Aaj Ki Baat, News Post Mortem etc. He considers Deborah Potter and Theressa Collington Moore as his mentors because in the early days of his career, he was inspired and motivated by their works and learnt much from them about media ethics and news research. Though a news researcher does not receive enough credit for what he does, he sticks to it. He believes that journalists should follow the journalism mantra that if your mother says she loves you, check it out. News researchers work as a store clerk.Check, recheck every story, facts. They should believe that facts are more important than adjectives. Earlier, he worked as a private investigator to brush up his skill as an investigative reporter.


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