Come and explore Kumartuli, the artisan’s hub in Calcutta

kumSpread over an area of nearly 400 m,  workshops which use as twin purposes as studios, a few homes, shops selling clothes and other items for decorating the images.The 4 day colorful festival will commence from September 30 and will conclude with the immersion of idols in the Ganges and nearby waterbodies on 4 th October, 2014..Artisans get busy with Durga idol  in  their  dark and dingy studios. It was around the mid-18th century that traditional idol-makers from Nadia settled in the village of Gobindapur near the Hooghly river. Later they settled at the village of Sutanati, also near the river.

kum1Since the clay and straw were brought down by boats along the Bhagirathi-Hooghly, it was necessary for them to settle down on the banks of the river.Even today the use they use the same primitive method to transpor the raw material The name Kumartuli derived from the fact that kumor or potters liveand settled here .After the partition of undivided Bengal, many artisans from East Bengal settled down in Kumartuli.

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Police Museum of Calcutta

kolkataPolice Museum of Calcutta is situated in North Calcutta.It was established in 1996.The address: 113 APC Road,Calcutta-7000 09(Near Maniktala).The Museum has galleries,displying several rare articles like the capital conspiracy case when a bomb was thrown at Lord Hardinge.There are galleries including the attack on Writers Building,the unsuccessful attack by freedom fighter Bina Das.Bina Das attacked Charles Tegart, commissioner of police.One of the main attractions of the Museum is Book Bomb used by freedom fighters.

There are also several articles like various fire arms,confidential police notices,orders,rare photographs during the British period.The house once belonged to Raja Rammohan Roy ,the great social reformer of India.The Police Museum deserves to be a major tourists attraction of Calcutta.But,very few people know the existence of this type of Museum .Lack of publicity is the main reason.Two years ago,the Calcutta police completed 150th anniversary.It had a rich history.In 1856, S.Wauchope was appointed as the first police Commissioner of Calcutta.
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The stories of two calcutta’s

kolCalcutta (In 2001, the official name of the city was changed to Kolkata) the capital city of the  state of West Bengal was established by an agent of East India Company for a trade hub. He bought three villages along the east bank of the river Ganges named Sutanati, Gobindapur and Kalikata.from local landlords. Dalhousie Squarere-once the seat of administration of the British Government this whole area with Laldighi (a pond with historic significance )in its midst, is still Bengal’s power center.Renamed as BBD Bag(named after the freedom fighters who fought against the British-Binay,Badol and Dinesh who killed a high profile police officer inside the Writers Building),it is surrounded by some significant land mark historic buildings.

General post Office(GPO)- is one of the best known city landmarks.Built on the site of the old Fort William,it is fronted by rows of columns.It houses the headquarter of postal department of Bengal.
Writers Buildings built in 1776,it is still the power centre of Bengal government.
Governors House:Constructed by the Governor General Lord Wellesley,it is surrounded by gardens and vast grounds.

Victoria memorial;In the intersection of Red Road and Quins way,this gigantic structure was built on the memory of Queen Victoria by then Governor General Lord Curzon.Planned in 1901,it was opened to the public in 1921.Surrounded by gardens,the Victoria Memorial draws people from India and aboard.

New Market:In 1863,British Civilian officials appealed to Calcutta Corporation to set up a market for them.In 1871,a special committee was formed by the corporation to look after the matter.The committee recommended to set up a market.For this purpose,25 Bigha land in Chowranghee’s Lindsay street and Burtram Street worth Rs.2 lakh and 18 thousand was purchased.Burn and Standard Company started construction.In the year 1873,the market was completed.The amount spend to construct the building was Rs.6 lakh 65 thousand and 950.The market complex was officially inaugurated in 1st January,1874.The market was named after Sir Stuart Hog,the chairman of Calcutta Corporation.Dakshineswar kali Temple:Built by Rani Rashmoni,the landlady of the area near Bali Bridge at the banks of river Ganges in 1847.Here,Sri Ramkrishna,the spiritual Guru of Swami Vivakanda worshipped Mother Kali.Devotees from all over the world assemble here.

According to 2011 census,Calcutta city had a population of 4,486,679. Bengalis consist of the majority of Calcutta’s population, with Marwaris from Rajasthan and Bihari communities from Bihar forming a large portion of the minorities. Besides, there are some of Calcutta’s notable communities including Chinese, Tamils, Marwaris, Anglo-Indians, Armenians, Tibetans, Maharashtrians and Parsis. Major languages spoken in Calcutta are Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, English, Maithili, and Bhojpuri. The longitude is 88.20 East, the latitude is 22.82 Noth, Population density (er sq km) 1,029, total areas 34267 sq mi (88750 km).

Spread over an area of nearly 400 m, Kumartuli is flanked by workshops which double up as studios, a few homes, shops selling clothes and other items for decorating the are going on to convert dark, dingy Kumartuli to a modern hub of artists. The name Kumartuli derived from the fact that kumor or potters live here . After the post-Independence partition of Bengal, many artisans from East Bengal settled down in Kumartuli.

Kalighat is located in the city of Calcutta on the banks of the river Hooghly (Bhagirathi). The name Calcutta is said to have been derived from the word Kalighat.Kaali is regarded as one of the principal deities of Bengal. Goddess Kaali is regarded as the destroyer or liberator and is depicted in a fearful form.The Kalighat temple attracts numerous devotees throughout the year.

ohioOn the other hand,Calcutta is in Columbia County, in the the Ohio Valley region.The small town was named after the city in India. The latitude of the town is 40.673 North . The longitude is -80.576 West. According to 2010 census, the population,was just 3,742, total areas 11.7 square miles, Population density 319 people per square mile.

The historical sites around Calcutta: Old Economy Village,the 19th-century community founded by the Harmony Society. It is in the

270 Sixteenth St.Ambridge, PA 15003.
19th-century utopian village, founded in 1824.
Nearby parks:Beaver Creek State Park, Guilford Lake State Park,Hillman State Park,Jefferson Lake State Park,Raccoon Creek State Park,Tomlinson Run State Park.
Nearest airport: Pittsburgh International. Nearest major city East Liverpool,Columbia county.

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Beware foreign tourists while visiting India

mwPeacock Media Communication a not-for-profit media house is going to launch a new initiative to aware foreign tourists how to avoid unpleasant experiences while visiting India. Women tourists often face harassment in the national capital Delhi and other cities like groping by unknown faces,molestation and often rape. A 51-year-old Danish national was gang raped in New Delhi a few days back. That incident happened when she lost her way. Like New Delhi, Calcutta the cultural capital of India, is not safe anymore for women. Incidents of rape and molestation cases reported almost everyday. According to a recent study, 1,152 women are raped every day in Democratic Republic of Congo i.e 48 women are raped every hour. I think we are in a similar situation.While travelling to Indian metros and other cities, foreign tourists always avoid getting into empty autos and cabs. Note down the registration numbers and even avoid empty public transport buses. Install a mobile SOS application Nirbhaya: Be Fearless©.For installation click to seek help from others when you feel unsafe. Always keep an emergency (Police) help line number.When you see a man or group of men following you and passing lewd comments, keep shouting. Always carry pepper sprays and Swiss knife.Always travel with groups. Avoid desolate places. Avoid ‘unwanted friends’. Choose proper guide or companion or guard. Avoid lesser known guest houses or hotels.

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Immersion is one of the tourist attractions

idol1Immersion of Goddess Durga is one of the main attraction of The Autumn Festival. Married women smear one another with sindur and prayfor long and happy married lives.Women with vermillion-streaked faces infront of the deity.According to legend, goddess Durga returns to her mother Menoka and father Giriraj during puja. Arriving with her sons and daughters Kartik,Ganesh, Lakshmi and Saraswati, and two friends Jaya and Bijoya, Goddess stays with her parents for four days, only to return to her in laws house on ‘dashami’ (the concluding day of the festival).

Fixer and Guide

idolAs a founder of Peacock Media Communication, a not-for-profit media organization, I want to clear that it  is not in travel business but our only intention is to showcase the cultural diversity in India specially the Eastern part of India, it’s people, it’s heritage, it’s culture. We provide local guide/fixer for independent documentary film makers across the world with affordable price.

Pandal hooping for $ 100

puja1Pandal hooping for $100 for tourists from abord to showcase the true carnival flavour of bengal during the Autumn festival.Every year festival organisers of Calcutta and suburbs choose a theme and recreate their model. Few years back, Dum Dum Yubak Brinda’s theme was ‘MANDANA’.The themes of Mandana were mainly variety of birds, animals and plants, anthropomorphs, and decorative designs which are highlighted with dots and dashes.The idol made by Shri. Pradip Pal of Kumortuli.Pandel decoration (makeshift temple) was done by South Calcutta Decorators.

In Calcutta, devotees celebrated their most auspicious day of the festival Maha asthami (the auspicious eighth day of the new moon) with elaborate rituals since early mornings at the pandals. Devotees line up from the early hours to offer flowers(anjali).After the prayers, the Prasad (sacred food) is distributed.Priests perform rituals by chanting religious verses.Bengalies prefer non-vegetarian foods in this day.On this day some traditional pujas like Belur Math,worship a young girl depecting as Devi Durga. The Dhaki (drummer) held the dhak (drum) on his shoulder and is beaten with twosticks.

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pujaPeacock Media Communication provides Fixer/Guide for documentary film makers around the world who want to showcase the cultural diversity of Calcutta, it’s rich culture and heritage and other alternative stories including the famous Autumn Festival.We havae a special package for documentary film makers start from: $ 100 per day. We have experience to work with foreign crews like EBS ( South korea).

The four days of Puja (Autumn Festival)  start from ( Sept. 30-Oct 4) the sixth day of the full moon  that follows the Mahalaya and ends up with the Bijaya Dashami. According to Hindu scriptures, Durga is the wife of God Shiva, the Hindu Goddess emerged when evil forces threathened the very existence of the Gods.Durga killed the powerful demon Mahishasur.Durga Puja is celebrated with joy all over India especially West Bengal.People send Durja Puja gifts to dear ones andexpress good wishes to them. DurgaPuja is celebrated in the autumn months of September-October.

The 10 handed Goddess Durga made up of clay is on top of a lion.Her hands carry different weapons in them except two which holds thespear which has been struck into the chest of Mahishasura(demon).The four children are accompanying Durga-Laxmi,the goddess of wealth,Saraswati,the Goddess of knowledge,kartik,the god of warship and Ganesha,the elephant faced god representing everything that is good.
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