The Autumn Festival 2014

durgaFirst ‘Sarbojanin’ Durga (community Puja) was held at Gupti Para in Hoogly District in 18th century.It was held on the occasion of Jagadhatri Puja. After that this concept was spread other parts of Bengal.We learned from old scriptures that in Calcutta organizers of sarbojanin pujas pressurize people to gave them ’chanda’(subscription).According to Hindu mythology,King Suroth first started Durga Puja in its modern form. Suroth’s Kingdom was in present day Bolpur. Durga idol was two handed and her posture was standing with spear in hand and the spear was struck into the chest of a bison.Then it converted into four hand,eight hand ten hand-bison changed into mahisasur (demon).Then came Kaxmi,Saraswati,Karthik and Ganesha along with Goddess Durga. We learned from old scriptures that king Kansha Narayan of Taherpur,Nadia introduced the worship of Goddess Durga in modern form around fifteen century.Earlier zaminders (feudal landlords) spend so much money to compete each other.But we don’t know when Goddess Durga was worshiped along with her sons and daughters. Nabapatrika is also a comparatively new phenomenon and became an important part of Durga Puja.


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