Pandal hooping for $ 100

puja1Pandal hooping for $100 for tourists from abord to showcase the true carnival flavour of bengal during the Autumn festival.Every year festival organisers of Calcutta and suburbs choose a theme and recreate their model. Few years back, Dum Dum Yubak Brinda’s theme was ‘MANDANA’.The themes of Mandana were mainly variety of birds, animals and plants, anthropomorphs, and decorative designs which are highlighted with dots and dashes.The idol made by Shri. Pradip Pal of Kumortuli.Pandel decoration (makeshift temple) was done by South Calcutta Decorators.

In Calcutta, devotees celebrated their most auspicious day of the festival Maha asthami (the auspicious eighth day of the new moon) with elaborate rituals since early mornings at the pandals. Devotees line up from the early hours to offer flowers(anjali).After the prayers, the Prasad (sacred food) is distributed.Priests perform rituals by chanting religious verses.Bengalies prefer non-vegetarian foods in this day.On this day some traditional pujas like Belur Math,worship a young girl depecting as Devi Durga. The Dhaki (drummer) held the dhak (drum) on his shoulder and is beaten with twosticks.

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