Peacock Media Communication provides Fixer/Guide for documentary film makers

pujaPeacock Media Communication provides Fixer/Guide for documentary film makers around the world who want to showcase the cultural diversity of Calcutta, it’s rich culture and heritage and other alternative stories including the famous Autumn Festival.We havae a special package for documentary film makers start from: $ 100 per day. We have experience to work with foreign crews like EBS ( South korea).

The four days of Puja (Autumn Festival)  start from ( Sept. 30-Oct 4) the sixth day of the full moon  that follows the Mahalaya and ends up with the Bijaya Dashami. According to Hindu scriptures, Durga is the wife of God Shiva, the Hindu Goddess emerged when evil forces threathened the very existence of the Gods.Durga killed the powerful demon Mahishasur.Durga Puja is celebrated with joy all over India especially West Bengal.People send Durja Puja gifts to dear ones andexpress good wishes to them. DurgaPuja is celebrated in the autumn months of September-October.

The 10 handed Goddess Durga made up of clay is on top of a lion.Her hands carry different weapons in them except two which holds thespear which has been struck into the chest of Mahishasura(demon).The four children are accompanying Durga-Laxmi,the goddess of wealth,Saraswati,the Goddess of knowledge,kartik,the god of warship and Ganesha,the elephant faced god representing everything that is good.
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