Come and explore Kumartuli, the artisan’s hub in Calcutta

kumSpread over an area of nearly 400 m,  workshops which use as twin purposes as studios, a few homes, shops selling clothes and other items for decorating the images.The 4 day colorful festival will commence from September 30 and will conclude with the immersion of idols in the Ganges and nearby waterbodies on 4 th October, 2014..Artisans get busy with Durga idol  in  their  dark and dingy studios. It was around the mid-18th century that traditional idol-makers from Nadia settled in the village of Gobindapur near the Hooghly river. Later they settled at the village of Sutanati, also near the river.

kum1Since the clay and straw were brought down by boats along the Bhagirathi-Hooghly, it was necessary for them to settle down on the banks of the river.Even today the use they use the same primitive method to transpor the raw material The name Kumartuli derived from the fact that kumor or potters liveand settled here .After the partition of undivided Bengal, many artisans from East Bengal settled down in Kumartuli.

For the making of Goddess Durga please contact:

We normally use creative commons pictures.



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