Police Museum of Calcutta

kolkataPolice Museum of Calcutta is situated in North Calcutta.It was established in 1996.The address: 113 APC Road,Calcutta-7000 09(Near Maniktala).The Museum has galleries,displying several rare articles like the capital conspiracy case when a bomb was thrown at Lord Hardinge.There are galleries including the attack on Writers Building,the unsuccessful attack by freedom fighter Bina Das.Bina Das attacked Charles Tegart, commissioner of police.One of the main attractions of the Museum is Book Bomb used by freedom fighters.

There are also several articles like various fire arms,confidential police notices,orders,rare photographs during the British period.The house once belonged to Raja Rammohan Roy ,the great social reformer of India.The Police Museum deserves to be a major tourists attraction of Calcutta.But,very few people know the existence of this type of Museum .Lack of publicity is the main reason.Two years ago,the Calcutta police completed 150th anniversary.It had a rich history.In 1856, S.Wauchope was appointed as the first police Commissioner of Calcutta.
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