Calcutta as it grew

image1686: Job Charnok took the lease of three villages Gobindapur, Sutanati and Kalikata and established East India Company. Later they were merged to form Calcutta.

1773: Calcutta became the capital of India after Warren Hastings was appointed as governor-general.

1174: Postal department was formed.

1780: Horse racing was first introduced.

1780: Hicks’s Bengal Gazette, first Bengali newspaper founded by James Augustus Hickey.

1806: Town Hall was built.

1817: Hindu College was established.

1824: Sanskrit College

1835: Calcutta Medical College

1849: Native Female School (Bethune College)

1854: British government took over the Hindu College and renamed it as Presidency College.

1857: Calcutta University

1862: High court ( after Supreme Court was transferred to New Delhi)

1852: Telegraph

1857 (5 July): Gas light was first introduced.

1874 (8 July): filtered water

1861-75: Underground drainage system.

image11861: Footpath for pedestrians

1873: Horse drawn tram carriage

1876: Calcutta Municipal Corporation was formed.

1877: Telephone

1889: Bicycle

1896: Motor Cars

1900: Electricity

1902 ( 9 December): Electric Tram

1911: Pumping station at Tala in North Calcutta

1921: Rick saw

1926: Radio Wave

1957: Television

1975:Calcutta Doordarshan (Television)

1986: Metro Rail

We Normally use creative commons pictures


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