Kalighat Kali temple

Kalighat Kali temple is located in the city of Calcutta on the banks of the river Hooghly. Goddess kali is destroyer and liberator.Tourists can reach Kali ghat temple by bus or taxis.Hundreds and thousands of devotees visit one of the holiest places in India.The temple was built in 1809 on the banks of Adi (old) Ganga (Ganges). Large number of devotees  gather at the temple with offerings during festivals like Durga Puja, Kaali puja,Bengali new year’s day and Makar Sankarnti (it is  one of the most auspicious occasions for the Hindus).

kaliAccording to Hindu scriptures, the different body parts of Sati, the wife of Lord Siva fell on the earth at the time of self-sacrifice. Devotees believed that the right toe of Sati fell here and gradually, the temple was built to worship  the Goddess. In Kalighat, Goddess Kali with a long protrude tongue made out of gold is the main attraction among devotees.kali1

Hindu scriptures depict that, Goddess Kali is the fearful form of the Mother Goddess Durga. Kali Puja is another important festival in Bengal after Durga Puja  in which people worship Goddess Kali, the goddess of destruction, the savior of mankind from the evil spirit. According to legend, two demons, Shambhu and Nishambhu disturbed Lord Indra. After several battle when the gods failed, they sought help from Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati. The gods sought help from Goddess Durga. Kali was born out of Goddess’s brow. According to legend,to stop the Goddess Kali’s killing spree, Lord Shiva her husband threw himself under her feet. She was so ashamed with the act of Lord Shiva, that she stuck her tongue out in shame.Thus we get the common images and idols of Goddess Kali standing with her feet on Lord Shiva’s chest and her tongue out holding severed heads of demons.



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