Beware while travelling India

crimePeacock Media Communication a not-for-profit media house is going to launch a new initiative to aware foreign tourists how to avoid unpleasant experiences while visiting India. Women tourists often face harassment in the national capital Delhi and other cities like groping by unknown faces,molestation and often rape. A 51-year-old Danish national was gang raped in New Delhi a few days back. That incident happened when she lost her way. Like New Delhi, Calcutta the cultural capital of India, is not safe anymore for women. Incidents of rape and molestation cases reported almost everyday. According to a recent study, 1,152 women are raped every day in Democratic Republic of Congo i.e 48 women are raped every hour. I think we are in a similar situation.While travelling to Indian metros and other cities, foreign tourists always avoid getting into empty autos and cabs. Note down the registration numbers and even avoid empty public transport buses. Install a mobile SOS application Nirbhaya: Be Fearless©.For installation click to seek help from others when you feel unsafe. Always keep an emergency (Police) help line number.When you see a man or group of men following you and passing lewd comments, keep shouting. Always carry pepper sprays and Swiss knife.Always travel with groups. Avoid desolate places. Avoid ‘unwanted friends’. Choose proper guide or companion or guard. Avoid lesser known guest houses or hotels.