Moral Policing

We are going to upload a promotional video on You Tube where we want to high light some social problems. Though sex with children is illegal but according one estimate, about half a million Indian children are used in sex trade.

Many Indians including politician want to dictate the way women should behave or dress up in public and even blame their ‘dress sense of women’ for molestation or rape.But strangely these so called custodian of Indian culture and heritage remain silent when foreign tourists often face harassment in public places such as groping by unknown faces, molestation even rape.For them moral policing is the best way to ‘protect India’s culture and heritage’.

Honor killing is barbaric and shameful acts of murder. Marriage out of caste or religion outraged family members and even father, brother and other family members commit heinous crime like killing their daughters and sisters to protect ‘family honor’.


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