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sneventSunny Leon is among the very few Indians who ruled the adult film industry in Americas.Karen Malhotra or better known as Sunny Leon a famous Adult star who was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to Punjabi Sikh parents from India.When she was 15 years old, her parents moved to California, USA.  As a college student she was first introduced to agent Jon Stevens by a class mate.Penthouse photographer Jay Allan offered her to shoot for the magazine. She gladly accepted it. Explicit Photos of Sunny in adult magazines like Hustler, Swank made her famous. There’s been no looking back since. She is famous for her hot & sexy body and acting skill.Sunny also had small appearances in mainstream movies like “The girl next door”. She was also invited at many TV shows as guest.Erotic Idol. Sunny, Virtual Vivid Girl are some of her famous movies.She earned a lot from her website. In 2008, she launched a production house along with her business partner Daniel Weber which produces high quality adult entertainment DVDs as well as mainstream movies. To celebrate the occasion, Sunny hosted a party at Plumm night club in New York city on 12 September, 2008.The CEO of the Sunlust pictures sn2and her husband Daniel Weber who is also a guitarist with a rock band called The Disparrows.  Now Sunny a heartthrob of Hindi films mesmerizing Indian film audience with her stunning looks and sensual body.

sn1Now, if you want to enjoy her sizzling stage performances in Kolkata and around Bengal, We are here to arrange it for you:

For the performances The Disparrows, http://www.thedisparrows.com, the American Rock Band led by Daniel Weber, we also arrange it for you.


According to Experts, a photographic portrait is understoodph to be a good quality image that not only captures a person’s physical likeness on film or on a digital Camera’s sensor, but also something of the person’s character, generally in a manner that is attractive and pleasing to the subject. 
Our photographers while taking portraits remember certain things like reflecting  certain mood, showing  personality and character, allowing the viewer to draw conclusions about the person in the portrait.   
1-2 Hrs-            25 Pics               2-3 Hrs               35 Pics
3-4  Hrs             45 Pics              4-5 Hrs                55 Pics 
cl pm gd                                                                                                im1
 We provide these type of portrait photographs. 
cam For any kind of AD/AD Films/Project Presentations/ online Programmes for colleges & others with HD cameras. For online we also use Jimmie jib and multi cameras ( at least 4-5) for professional looks.

I’d imagine my wedding as a fairy tale… huge, beautiful and white.
Paris Hilton

I think everyone dreams of that nice romantic wedding.
-Lance Bass
piccam1To capture the off-beat approach to Indian weddings, we have adopted various techniques like stress-reducing, natural lighting,Incidental photographs,Capturing critical moments.
mrWe have various packages for both formal and informal pictures, Couple shoots

vdclCoverage Duration (approx) 8 Hrs Per Day: 
With Medium quality Cameras (PD 170)- Editing by renowned Film Editors.
Single Camera with Editing ( With DVD).
Both Still & Video Offline
For Bride, Groom and Bride-Groom Combined
Online with medium range cameras (with out offline editing : 4 Cameras, 4 Operators, 1 Online Editor with online Editing: 
Online & Offline Editing with DVD Both Still & Video
 200 Pics 4″-6″ Canvera Album (Still)
pmCoverage Duration (approx. 8 Hrs Per Day):
With HD cameras like DXC-D-35 Cameras,Canon C300, Canon C 500, Canon 5d Mark3,Sony F3.
Multi cameras (6 Cameras, 4 screens, 6 Operators,1 Online Editor with online editing.
Jimmy Jib charges extra.
Bride, Groom and Bride & Groom combined 4″-6″ 200 Pics (Still)

gdFull HD Format  6 Cameras 4 Screens, 6 operators, 1 Online Editor With HD cameras like CANON XF105,CANON XF300,DVW-970P SONY DIGITAL,MSW-970P SONY DIGITAL,PANASONIC AG-AC120EN


Still Wedding Photography

Online + Offline Bride, Groom, Bride-Groom Combined Still 400 Pics Karishma& Canvera Album 4″-6″


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