The Rates:

sneventSunny Leon’s Stage Performances:sunny.               including staff, dancers,travel and standards

Appearance (Including Puja Inauguration, Shop Opening, Btand Endorsement) : including staff and travel.sunny1

sn1Performances for The Disparrows, the American Rock Band led by Daniel Weber:  including travel and standards.8


For Portfoliopt1 We have various packages which suits every pockets. Rate  starts from 20

20″-30″22   30″-45″-32

40″-60″-4   wd1


eco(Offline): Bride


 Both Still & Video  atk

Groom (Both Still & Video)60

   Both Bride + Groom


Photo Album   Canvera 200                                                   Pics (Glossy)




80Online + Offline Edit ( Bride)

Groom   120    4″-6′  200 Still Pics Karishma + Canvera Album
Both Bride +Groom

sp1With DJ( Sound)20         gdOnline + Offline Full            Full HD Format

Bride15          With Still Karishma+ Canvera Album 4″-6″                    Groom  171                                                                                                                                                                                                     light1                                                                           

sp1With DJ                                                                                                                   


AD Making starts from adv 


Product Photography          Starts from25       pr


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